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Transcendental Meditation – for Stress Relief

Transcendental meditation, known as TM, teaches you to transcend or go beyond your thoughts to the source of your thoughts. A place referred to as pure awareness where your brain and body are in deep rest and stillness. You are initially given a mantra to repeat, a meaningless word or sound that helps you reach this state of awareness. When you are there you have no thoughts, yet you will remain fully awake.

In this state, the electrical activity of the brain becomes synchronized between the front, back, left and right quadrants, something not seen with other practices. Our brains are naturally programmed for this rejuvenating state, is as easy to achieve as falling asleep.

Studies have shown the TM enhances creativity and is very helpful in terms of stress management.  Regularly putting the brain into a blissful state dissolves deep rooted stress and tension, and enhances your ability to recover from the stresses of day-to-day living more quickly. The ultimate aim of TM is to help you unfold your full potential.

TM courses are intensive one-on-one programs that run for many months and include lifetime follow-up programs to ensure you remain centered and stress free.

What are you thoughts about TM? Do you have any experience with TM? If so, please leave your comments to share with other readers.

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