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Feel Good Yin-Yang Foods!

The Yin-Yang of a food isn’t just its nutrient value but also its “hot” and “cold” values of the food too that makes you feel better! Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), teaches that food also has a “hot” and “cold” feature for making us feel good, but this has nothing to do with temperature of the food.

Here’s why: According to TCM, each item of food has an energetic property of yin or yang. These are thought of as complimentary pairs that are constantly shifting in relationship to one another at either ends of the scale – night and day, lite and heavy, strong and weak. TCM believes that we absorb yin (cold) or yang (hot) energy from the foods we eat—and that medical conditions are manifestations of these yin-yang imbalances. The implications of this are that we can heal ourselves by correcting the imbalances by eating the appropriate yin-yang foods. The MyFaceMyLife team have delved into this approach to healing and come up with the following explanations: (more…)

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