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Natural Dry and Damaged Skin Food Cures

Natural dry and damaged skin food cures are the answer to every girls skin problems. Try these luscious healthy food cures for your skin today!

We all know that natural ingredients can be wonderful for the health of your skin well fresh natural ingredients like everyday foods you find in your kitchen can do wonders for your dry and damaged skin.

Many fruits and vegetables are packed with natural goodness of vitamins and minerals and natural fatty oils that are perfect for dry skin and repairing damaged skin around the face and neck. Here are some luscious fruit and veggie mixtures you can use as facial masks to repair and revitalize your skin. (more…)

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Saving My Skin – A Story of Cancer Survival

Melanoma is on the rise among young women across America. Faced with potentially fatal cancer, Abby Gardner uses her diagnosis as a wake-up call for life. A story of survival from skin cancer is one that few are lucky to cherish!

I’m Pretty sure Vanity Saved My Life.

It all started with a raised reddish spot on my chest that peeked out each time I wore a V-neck. After trying every bump-eradicating skincare product I could think of, I realized it wasn’t going away. So, seeing as my ridiculously fair-skinned self was also long overdue for a mole check, I made an appointment with my dermatologist. Turns out I will be forever grateful for that silly spot. While it was benign, my doctor found a small mole on my right thigh that was much darker than the others. It was edged up next to a freckle I’d had since I was a kid. (more…)

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