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The Fuel of Aztec Warriors: Chia

The little seed that was once an important food source for Native Americans in the West and Central America making a big comeback! The humble little Chia seed is back in favour. It was once a prized food source of the Aztec warriors, who ate the seeds for energy to sustain them during their long and arduous battle of tribal war.

Fortunately, most of us don’t have to worry today about having to fight a tribal war. But chia’s staying power can help us all with more energy similar to the Aztecs. Our MyFaceMyLife researchers have discovered why chia seeds are a great addition to everyone’s diet… (more…)

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Protect Your Beautiful Skin – Part 5

This is the final of our 5 part series on the protection of your beautiful skin with food. As we discussed previously, as a woman I am very concerned about my skin particularly my facial skin. We have all heard the saying “You are what you eat”. For our beauty this is very true. If you’re struggling with skin imperfections, pimple, rashes, blemishes and wrinkles, then the cause has probably a lot to do with your diet. Eating the wrong foods will damage your skin and make you look much older than your years.

To improve the look, feel and texture of your skin you need to be very conscious of the types of foods you are eating because as we all know there are good foods and some very bad foods in terms of our skincare. (more…)

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