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Relationship Problems: How to Spot A Psycho Lover, Friend Or Boss

At MyFaceMyLife, we encourage you to surround yourself with supportive people who nurture your goals and your dreams. But unfortunately, some of these people may turn out to be just a little bit “nuts”. Like a sweet giant cookie that ends up bitter on your hips, it’ll take a lot of effort to shed these crazies from your life (unless of course you’re quick to spot them before it’s too late!).

We stumbled across this amusing (but take our word on it – serious) article on recognizing psychopathic symptoms in three common staples in your daily circle – your lover, your friend and your boss.

Whether you have had the (dis)pleasure of experiencing a psycho in your life, counseled a friend through this problem or have laughed your way up to this point saying “yeah right, as if I couldn’t spot a psycho”, read on anyway – you may well thank us later! (more…)

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