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Eat Your Way to More Sex Appeal!

We all know that eating nutritious foods can make your skin look healthier—but a new Research Study has revealed that certain foods can make your skin not just glowing, but also sexier!

The MyFaceMyLife research team has investigated and has found out which foods can make your skin glow and how much you should eat to make you sexier!

Here are our amazing results… (more…)

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Our Secret Hair Care Tips – Part 1

In previous hair care articles we told you that at MyFaceMyLIfe we have undertaken extensive research into natural hair care products. We also told you that our aim was to bring to you the best all natural and inexpensive hair care and grooming products available, so that we can make each one of you a princess by letting our inner and outer beauty shine. Well this article continues that theme!

In this article it’s time to share more of the hair care secrets that we have discovered, so we can continue working on your dream of being a naturally beautiful princess come true for you.


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A Formula For the Perfect Breakfast!

Formula for a Perfect Breakfast (Coffee Doesn’t Cut It!)

People who start their day on empty are 75 percent more likely to be overweight than regular a.m. eaters. Follow our guide to rethink your morning meal, then start with our eight grab-and-go-favourites.

Despite what your barista says, a jug-sized latte, even with all that milk and sugar, isn’t a meal. “For most busy women, breakfast is based on convenience, which can backfire nutritionally,” says Bonnie Taub-Dix, R.D., author of Read It Before You Eat It. Your brain needs certain nutrients early on for all-day concentration and problem solving. (more…)

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