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Jumpstart Your Morning

A busy job, lifestyle and home life make our lives so hard to really relax. If only we could enjoy the lazy Sunday morning wake-ups everyday! To be liberated from alarm clocks, ironing boards and, well – rushing to do everything before we go to work – is what we all dream about.

But here at MyFaceMyLife we believe every morning deserves to be enjoyed! We all deserve a great start to the day which will certainly pave the way for the rest of the day in positivity.

But don’t fret about having a sluggish yesterday – instead, always start afresh, or as Sidney Poitier famously said, “to simply wake up every morning a better person than when I went to bed.

Are you keen on some morning jumpstart tips? Here are some ideas we have found for you that will help your day start with that extra boost of energy.

1.  Wake Up Earlier and Sit In Silence

This may not pair well with the urgency of “jumpstart” and you might be thinking – how’s that better than an extra fifteen minutes of sleep? Well, see it as a way to ease your mind and body out of grogginess. Men’s Health suggests taking advantage of the early morning quiet to clear your head before the noise of your day begins. Some people say that experiencing silence as the dawn slowly breaks into sunrise is one of the best parts of getting up. (more…)

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The Best Foods to Eat During Your Period

You’re not alone if your diet gets seriously derailed in the days leading up to and during your period. That time of the month–particularly for those coping with premenstrual syndrome (PMS)–can cause us to indulge in some seriously unhealthy cravings (French fries and ice cream for dinner, anyone?).

If you’re in that boat, don’t despair. There’s a scientific reason women jones for junk food in the days preceding and during that time of the month. Estrogen, testosterone and progesterone–the main reproductive hormones–plummet in the days leading up to your period and remain low for the first few days of it, according to gynecologist Rebecca Booth, M.D., author of “The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of Your Cycle…at Any Age

“This sharp decline in hormones results in falling levels of mood-supporting brain chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine, causing cravings for foods that elevate them, like chocolate (dopamine) and starchy foods (serotonin),” explains Dr. Booth. (more…)

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