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How to Meditate Your Way to Better Sex

For psychologist and neuropsychologist Marsha Lucas, complaints of a boring sex life are commonplace in her practice. She is constantly being asked the obvious question: “How do we spice up our boring sex life?”

When her answer is meditation instead of, say – find some erotic toys or wild games, not everyone is particularly convinced by that idea.

To most active adults, meditation and good sex may seem like two opposite ends of the spectrum; the former comparable to calm and still waters while the later a climatic and loud ripple (did you catch that wave?). (more…)

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Transcendental Meditation – for Stress Relief

Transcendental meditation, known as TM, teaches you to transcend or go beyond your thoughts to the source of your thoughts. A place referred to as pure awareness where your brain and body are in deep rest and stillness. You are initially given a mantra to repeat, a meaningless word or sound that helps you reach this state of awareness. When you are there you have no thoughts, yet you will remain fully awake. (more…)

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