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Eat Your Way to More Sex Appeal!

We all know that eating nutritious foods can make your skin look healthier—but a new Research Study has revealed that certain foods can make your skin not just glowing, but also sexier!

The MyFaceMyLife research team has investigated and has found out which foods can make your skin glow and how much you should eat to make you sexier!

Here are our amazing results… (more…)

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Protect Your Beautiful Skin – Part 4

As we discussed in Part 3 of this series, as a woman I am very concerned about my skin particularly my facial skin. We have all heard the saying “You are what you eat”. For our beauty this is very true. If you’re struggling with skin imperfections, pimple, rashes, blemishes and wrinkles,  then the cause has probably a lot to do with your diet. Eating the wrong foods will damage your skin and make you look much older than your years. (more…)

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