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Social Jetlag: The Clock That Could Make You Fat – A Video

The modern western phenomenon of working all week and partying all weekend maybe doing you more harm than you thought. Worst of all it could be making you fat! European researchers are calling this condition “social jetlag”.

The term “social jetlag” refers to the inconsistency between your natural body clock and your “social clock”, which is both the schedule you keep to make it to work and your sleep-in habit over the weekend, be it for hibernation purposes or due to a “wild” night out the previous evening.

Your body is suffering from “Jetlag” because of what you’re doing to your body, your mothership. You’re making it shuffle back and forth between different time zones at either end of the week and you slowly sink into a state of sleep deprivation. (more…)

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Coffee Drinkers are Living Longer

In recent years the good old cup of coffee has seen a resurgence of popularity. This is not news to most westerners because coffee shops and cafés have been springing up all over the country, towns and suburbs for some years now. But the real news in this story isn’t the fact that we have all fallen in love with the caffeine, it’s that fact that a recent study has found that older folks who drink coffee (even decaf) have a lower risk of death than those who don’t!

Aside from water, coffee is perhaps the next most consumed beverage in the world with 2.25 billion cups gulped down everyday. But due to its caffeine content, the power-perker is mistaken for a bad friend, despite coffee being a rich source of antioxidants and bioactive compounds. Coffee has also been linked to lowering depression and altering estrogen levels among women too. (more…)

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