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Luscious Coconut Water – Why It Cures More Than Your Thirst

In recent years, everyone from street vendors to Madonna, have been jumping on board the coconut water bandwagon and can’t seem to get enough of this ‘fluid of life’.

So why all the fuss? Is coconut water really as good as everyone claims, or is it just a fad that’s making people go crazy for the coco?

With a list of health benefits stretching well beyond your average fad diet, it seems like coconut water may be the real deal.

Here’s the List of the Benefits….

Coconut water is the clear liquid inside young coconuts (not to be confused with the fatty flesh on the sides of the coconut, which is coconut milk). Besides its slightly sweet and refreshing taste, there’s a whole host of benefits that will leave even the most skeptical wondering whether it’s the best thing since, well, spring water! (more…)

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Power Up with Real Juice – 5 Super Juicy Recipes

A real healthy juice mix is not just a glass chock full of nutrition – they’re a burst of flavor, they are easy and fun to make. They’re also as close as you can get to a successful science experiment, and quite often, they taste as good as they look. And Smoothies are a great all year round healthy pick me up meal. Some people even claim that making a juice or smoothie has therapeutic qualities! Maybe!

Well, if you agree, then here are our 5 super juicy recipes we found for you to try for the next 5 days. They’re simple to prepare because all you need is a blender and a glass, and the ingredients, of course! Here we go.

1. Avocado Coconut Smoothie

For the avocado lovers we recommend this creamy and tropical brew of avocado, coconut and flax oil to fuel your body with good fat, which is essential for good eyesight, glowing skin, and to pump vitamins around your body. Throw a banana in and you’ll increase the yummy factor and will pretty much turn this smoothie into a healthy sweet pudding. (more…)

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