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5 Easy Steps to Breathing Meditation

Meditation is all about the breathing technique so you might be wondering, what is the difference between a breathing meditation and any other form of meditation. After all, isn’t proper breathing essential for any meditation as with any form of breathing?

Good question. When we talk about a breathing meditation, it’s in reference to the process of making the breath a vehicle for entry into the meditative state. Other common breathing vehicles include chanting a mantra, visualization, focusing on a single object like a flame or bowl of water, walking, or even focusing internally on a specific organ or location within the body. (more…)

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Do You Know How to Catch Your Breath?

Sure we are all subconsciously inhaling and exhaling but how often are you consciously taking note of your breathing?

Breathing is the natural balancing aid to our body. The strength of a single breath is extraordinary, check this out:

  • A well controlled breathing technique is crucial for striking yoga poses and pilates moves. (more…)
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