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Summer Skincare Tips – Part 3

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere then Summer is just around the corner for you. So, make it an enjoyable and safe Summer for your skin with these great skincare tips. Here is final – Part 3 of our series for you.

Keep Cool

1.  Avoid the Heat. Try to avoid heat-related illnesses like heat stress and exhaustion by not over-exerting yourself when exercising, gardening or working.

2. Stay indoors in summer between 10am and 3pm. Seek shade whenever possible when you’re outside.

3. Dehydration. Medical authorities warn about the risk of dehydration during hot weather. Adults can lose about 2.5 litres (2 pints) of water each day. You get about a litre of water from the food you eat, so depending on your age, size, health and lifestyle, you should drink between 1.5 – 2.5 litres (1.2 – 2 pints) of water daily.

4.  For Your Kids. It’s best to keep children indoors during really hot weather. If you must let them go outside, make sure they avoid the hottest part of the day and seek shade. Help your children with sunscreen by placing a tube in their schoolbag.

What are you thoughts about keeping cool in summer? What are your experiences with dehydration? If so, please leave your comments to share with other readers.

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