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Summer Skincare Tips – Part 2

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere then Summer is just around the corner for you. So, make it an enjoyable and safe Summer for your skin with these great skincare tips. Here is Part 2 of our series for you.

Lather Up with Sunscreen

1.  Adequate Sunscreen. Sunscreen doesn’t allow you to stay out in the sun all day, however it does help reduce how fast you’ll get burnt. The Cancer Societies say most people don’t apply adequate amount of sunscreen, nor frequently enough. The right amount is a teaspoon of sunscreen for each arm, leg, back and torso. While, half a teaspoon is adequate for the face and neck, making sure to cover your ears and the back of your neck too!

2.  SPF 30+. You should choose an SPF 30+ sunscreen protection factor (SPF) sunscreen. Then apply 20 minutes before sun exposure and the reapply every two hours your in the sun.

3.  Sunscreen for Kids. For infants, it’s recommended that a water-resistant broad spectrum 30+ SPF sunscreen be used on skin not protected by clothing. Some mothers’ worry that using a sunscreen on infants isn’t safe for them, however Cancer Societies advise that “there is no evidence that using sunscreen on infants is harmful”.

What are you thoughts about sun protection for infants? What are your experiences with sunscreens for infants? If so, please leave your comments to share with other readers.


Image 1: Dr. Alexander & Co.

Image 2: The Advice Sisters

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  1. As most skin damage happens when we are young and the bad consequences come out later in life, we would be mad not to protect our young children with sunscreen lotion.

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