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Night Moisturising – Hot Tip

Only moisturize under your eyes and on your “challenging parts” (those with excess wrinkles) at NIGHT. During the night, your body is in detox mode, and unless your diet plan is 100% solid, your liver has enough work on its hands.

Instead, moisturize at least once a day, first thing in the morning after your shower/bath. Then, if you can sneak in another session early evening, fantastic!

Here is a very simple and economical face mask you can apply a few times a week before you retire for the night.  Warning, it seems a little weird but no more so than applying expensive night crèmes that provide an inferior result.

Egg White Face Mask

Believe it or not, the white of an egg is the best mask to give a lift your face. Eggs are very rich in the protein Albumen which is recognised as nature’s face lift. This treatment is simple and works wonders.

Take an egg and separate the white. Add a few drops of lemon juice and mix for a few seconds. Then, using a cotton ball spread the mixture over your face. Be sure to avoid using it around the eyes, mouth and neck.

While you’re relaxing, listen to relaxing, soft music while you lay down with your eyes closed. Leave the face mask on for 20 minutes and then wash in nice cool water. For best results you should use this mask twice weekly and is excellent for the treatment of oily skin.

This treatment works very well to nourish your skin and, of course, make you look younger. It’s perfect if you’re going out that night, too!

What do you think of the egg white face mask?  Would you try it to nourish your facial skin?  If you have, please share your thoughts and experiences for other readers to share.

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Image 1: Skin Care Ace

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