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Listen to the Quiet Sounds

If you’ve been exposed to any loud sounds for several minutes, give your ears a relaxing break. Harmful vibrations from loud noises can cause free radicals in the blood stream to damage the hair cells inside the ears. Once damaged, these hair cells won’t grow back!  So look for the quiet time to be surrounded by less noise for a few hours (or days preferably) after that initial exposure to loud noise, gives the inflammation caused by the free radicals a chance to abate. As we all know, it’s a noisy world out there.

Be prepared, if you know that you are going to be exposed to a loud environment, such as a lawn mower or loud rock music, you should wear earplugs or protective earmuffs. You can’t always avoid loud noises, but it does feel good to hear the quiet sounds again.

What are your thoughts about your exposure to loud noises?  Are you concerned about free radical damage to your ear hair cells? Have you ever tried this technique?  Please share you thoughts and experiences for other readers to share.

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