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How to Meditate Your Way to Better Sex

For psychologist and neuropsychologist Marsha Lucas, complaints of a boring sex life are commonplace in her practice. She is constantly being asked the obvious question: “How do we spice up our boring sex life?”

When her answer is meditation instead of, say – find some erotic toys or wild games, not everyone is particularly convinced by that idea.

To most active adults, meditation and good sex may seem like two opposite ends of the spectrum; the former comparable to calm and still waters while the later a climatic and loud ripple (did you catch that wave?).

However, recent studies have shown that meditation and sex may just be compatible after all!  Its just that we simply misunderstood the relationship.

If you’re looking for a solid, scientific explanation to this sexual theory, it’s coming. An article on the Huffington Post reported that the brain reacts to meditation and sex similarly. During sex, the right hemisphere of the brain lights up; the same happens on the left hemisphere during meditation.

Teachings by the Indian guru Osho even disassociate orgasm from its sexual context, describing the experience itself as nonsexual and spiritual, even though it is achieved through the act of sex. This possibly reflects the Indian tradition of Tantra, which uses sex as a means to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Marsha Lucas stresses how we should look beyond props and costumes to reignite the spark in the bedroom. People get confused between romance and sex! Better sex – good sex means being present physically, emotionally and mentally. She writes that “It’s about really showing up and tuning in, to the moment, yourself and your partner”.

To illustrate, Marsha cited a common scenario – in the heat of the moment, a lover worried about performance or appearance will cause the body to constrict blood vessels and reduce blood flow away from areas that most need it (for both men and women).

A (non-sexual) study by Harvard compared the brains of mindfulness meditators to those who didn’t meditate and found that the meditators had significantly thicker anterior insula. In short, a thicker insula enables information to be sent to the higher-level brain and stimulates it to respond more smoothly so that the stress chemicals would stop flowing. It also plays an important role in perceiving bodily experiences; especially the sensations that will help you express your emotions better with your body, making you a better, sensitive and attuned lover.

So what’s the Bottom line? Being wholly present and in harmony with your partner will increase the anterior insula in your brain and encourage blood to freely flow up and down your body. But “orgasm is no replacement for meditation“!

So the next time you or someone you know stumble’s across a road block in your sensual bliss, why not try giving meditation a go to improve your sex life?

If meditation is your thing, have you noticed a difference in your sex life through meditation? Or have we now inspired you to give it ago (and your partner’s) benefit?  If so, let us know your experiences or leave a comment below.


Source: Finerminds

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  1. This does make sense about meditation to me, as they have always said the most important sex organ is the brain, so if you are relaxed then it follows that the sexual experience would be far more pleasurable!

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