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Get Creative While You Hydrate

We’re not diet monks when it comes to sweet cravings, but while the occasional glass of sugary, ice cold soda may be okay to cool your throat and match your barbecue plate or lazy sun lounge this summer, we’re not too keen on turning to them constantly to hydrate – because dehydrate is what they really do!

So if sweet thirst-quenchers are one of your weaknesses, we recommend you skip making the high-fructose canned ones your regular brew and rethink your drink by opting for some delicious but healthier options instead.

Flavoured Water

Just when you think lemon-infused water was the restaurant norm, we’ve seen some waiters in sophisticated restaurants whizz by our table with a pitcher of water and something else floating inside it.

Sometimes it’s a few strawberries, sometimes its blueberries and at one time it was even a carrot and some cucumbers. So make your own infused water at home – just add your choice of refreshing fruit or vegetable into a pitcher and refrigerate for several hours. Add some mint leaves or some cinnamon for a flavour punch!

Iced Tea

There isn’t only one type of tea – think of the many tea brews you’ve seen in their fancy packaging at the supermarket whilst you were on your way to the soda aisle (for instance).

There are teas scented or infused with flowers like rose and jasmine; herbs like peppermint and pandan; spices like vanilla, cinnamon and ginger; and even fruit like strawberry or orange.

Brew it strong, pour into a pitcher or a bottle and let it cool inside the fridge. If you want it sweet, add some honey.

Sparkling Juice

One of the perks of a can of soda or a sweet beverage is also the frothy, gassy carbonate that gives our mouths, throats and bellies the prickly rush with each sip. Well, you don’t have to eliminate those bubbles from your glass for good!

Sparkling water, seltzer or soda water are still safer and healthier options that will hydrate you, so all you have to do to jazz things up is either add in your freshly squeezed juice, infuse it with some berries or even have it with a spoon of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Sip away, cool down and enjoy!


Do you have any other alternatives to sugary drinks or sweetened sodas? What’s your favorite healthy thirst quencher this summer? And before you can say “water and ice cubes” – let’s get creative!

Image 1: Energise for Life

Image 2: Mercola

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