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How Do Genetically Modified Foods Affect Your Health?

Genetically engineered ingredients show up in most of the processed foods in your shopping cart. Yet their long-term health effects remain unknown. The debate: Should those ingredients be labeled?

You don’t have to look hard to find genetically modified food on supermarket shelves: More than 85 percent of the corn and soy grown in the United States comes from seeds whose DNA has been rejiggered (to increase yields), and those two crops play starring roles in countless processed foods, from soda to salad dressing to bread. Advocates say genetically modified (GM) foods allow farmers to produce more with fewer chemicals—which means a cleaner environment and cheaper groceries for us all. But the question remains: What impact do GM foods have on our health?  (more…)

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Weird Diet Tricks That Really Work

Shed pounds without sacrificing your time or your natural diet. Try these weird diet tricks to loose weight naturally and painlessly. Give them a go and let us know!

Eat Cheetos Off a China Plate

Use plates and utensils whenever you snack, and sit down to enjoy your nibble, even if it’s for only 20 minutes.


People were more likely to perceive food as a snack if they finished eating it in 10 minutes or ate while standing up, according to a study in the journal Appetite. On the other hand, sitting down for 30 minutes made people more likely to count the grub as a meal—which might have helped them feel more satisfied and turn down extra food later on. Break out the good tableware: Using ceramic plates and cloth napkins also made diners more likely to consider food a meal.

—Kristen Drybread


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The Best Foods to Eat During Your Period

You’re not alone if your diet gets seriously derailed in the days leading up to and during your period. That time of the month–particularly for those coping with premenstrual syndrome (PMS)–can cause us to indulge in some seriously unhealthy cravings (French fries and ice cream for dinner, anyone?).

If you’re in that boat, don’t despair. There’s a scientific reason women jones for junk food in the days preceding and during that time of the month. Estrogen, testosterone and progesterone–the main reproductive hormones–plummet in the days leading up to your period and remain low for the first few days of it, according to gynecologist Rebecca Booth, M.D., author of “The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of Your Cycle…at Any Age

“This sharp decline in hormones results in falling levels of mood-supporting brain chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine, causing cravings for foods that elevate them, like chocolate (dopamine) and starchy foods (serotonin),” explains Dr. Booth. (more…)

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Saving My Skin – A Story of Cancer Survival

Melanoma is on the rise among young women across America. Faced with potentially fatal cancer, Abby Gardner uses her diagnosis as a wake-up call for life. A story of survival from skin cancer is one that few are lucky to cherish!

I’m Pretty sure Vanity Saved My Life.

It all started with a raised reddish spot on my chest that peeked out each time I wore a V-neck. After trying every bump-eradicating skincare product I could think of, I realized it wasn’t going away. So, seeing as my ridiculously fair-skinned self was also long overdue for a mole check, I made an appointment with my dermatologist. Turns out I will be forever grateful for that silly spot. While it was benign, my doctor found a small mole on my right thigh that was much darker than the others. It was edged up next to a freckle I’d had since I was a kid. (more…)

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A Formula For the Perfect Breakfast!

Formula for a Perfect Breakfast (Coffee Doesn’t Cut It!)

People who start their day on empty are 75 percent more likely to be overweight than regular a.m. eaters. Follow our guide to rethink your morning meal, then start with our eight grab-and-go-favourites.

Despite what your barista says, a jug-sized latte, even with all that milk and sugar, isn’t a meal. “For most busy women, breakfast is based on convenience, which can backfire nutritionally,” says Bonnie Taub-Dix, R.D., author of Read It Before You Eat It. Your brain needs certain nutrients early on for all-day concentration and problem solving. (more…)

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Choose the Best Healthy Cereals

The Best Healthy Cereals

Do you get confused when cruising down the cereal aisle? One cereal package carries the claim “helps prevent heart disease” and another touts “low sugar.” But reading the fine print to discover which is best can literally take all day. To save you time, money, and sanity, we developed nutrition criteria to help you choose the right cereal for you and your family.

So what makes a good, wholesome cereal?  We believe it should contain a serving of whole grains (16g) or at least have a whole grain as the first ingredient, be relatively low in sugar (10g or less), be a good source of fiber (3g per serving), and be free of artificial colors and dyes. (more…)

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7 Health Questions Every Girl Should Ask Their Mother

Mum’s and daughters generally have a special bonded relationship in which almost any conversation can be had. I know I have with my lovely mum! So, can you be really frank with your Mum about sensitive issues about her health? After all, she’s always concerned about your health! But is she okay when the issue is her health?  Here are a few issues that may need discussing.


If your mum has shrunk as she’s aged it could be due to osteoporosis. Surprisingly, this affects one in three women and is significant because 80% of our bone health is inherited. This makes an important health question to ask mum because, if your mum has a hip fracture caused by osteoporosis, your own risk increases by 300%. If you’re concerned, ask your doctor for a bone density scan. (more…)

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