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Beauty Secrets for Your Hair

Remember when you were a little girl, not so long ago, when you loved the fairytales about being rescued by a handsome prince who fell in love with you because of your luxuriously beautiful long flowing hair.

We all grew up with believing these fairytales with the pretty women as our role model. They all had long, flowing, smooth, shiny, healthy, luxurious hair that is not only soft and silky but very strong.

We’re all lead to believe that to attain this kind of hair costs an arm and a leg to buy all the expensive lotions and potions, or to frequent the very expensive salons. Some of these expensive lotions and potions can even be harmful to your hair! Well the reality is that you can have the beautiful hair you have always dreamed of without the expense. No expensive lotions, potions or overpriced salons.

This is why we at MyFaceMyLIfe have undertaken extensive research into the availability of natural hair care products. Our aim was to bring to you the best all natural and inexpensive hair care and grooming products available. So that we can make each one of you into a beautiful princess by letting your inner and outer beauty shine through.

Now is the time to share our hair care secrets, so we can begin working on making this dream of being a naturally beautiful princess come true for you.

Essential Rules for Daily Hair Care

Here are some basic bare essentials ground rules for your daily hair care. If adhere to them on a regular basis then you will off to a good start to having and maintaining beautiful flowing, smooth, shiny, healthy and luxuriously silky hair:

  1. Do not washing your hair in “hot” water.
  2. Do oil bath treatments for your hair at least twice a week.
  3. Brush your hair once or twice a day to encourage blood flow into your scalp.
  4. Eat foods that contain vitamin B and iodine. These are found in fruits, vegetables and fish.
  5. If your hair is oily then avoid oily foods. Eat foods that contain vitamins A and B to reduce the oil content in your hair.
  6. Massage your scalp in circles at least once a day.
Scalp Massage

Now that you know massaging your scalp is important to maintaining healthy hair, we need to ensure you understand how the massage should be to performed correctly.  Healthy hair reflects how well you take care of it.

The condition of your scalp depends on how often you massage it regardless of your hair type. The best way to massage your scalp is to place your fingers together on the top of your head and push down with the palms of your hands to perform the circular massage.

Minor Hair Loss

It’s normal to experience hair loss. Daily everyone loses approximately 100 hairs. If you lose less than that then you hair is in excellent condition. However, if you experience more hair loss each day then your hair needs an herbs and essential oils treatment.

In our next installment we will discuss the Secrets to Preventing Hair Loss in Women.

Do you use these essential daily hair care rules for your hair? If so, do they work for you? Let us know your experiences or leave a comment below.

Image 1: Hairstyles Festival 

Image 2: Rei Kazuki – All about Hair


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  1. Dorothy

    Just like every other part of your body, the cells and processes that support strong, vibrant hair depend on a balanced diet. It can take longer to notice changes (both good or bad!) in your hair than in your skin. For example, “just one week with a poor diet can yield acne flare-ups or dry, sallow skin within days. Thank you for the advice. I’ll be sure to try and implement this into my lifestyle habits.

  2. Carmen

    Does scratching your head do the same thing as massaging your scalp? Before I go to bed it feels so good to just scratch my head all over and it is like you can feel the blood start flowing to your scalp afterwards so I assumed it was ok. Thank you for posting these other tips I enjoyed the article and look forward to trying them.

  3. Dexter

    I was told by a beautician that if you brush your hair to much it breaks it off and cause split ends are you saying that isn’t true? There have been so many article that I have read that tell you how to take care of your hair and everything that the information is sometimes confusing. I will try your tips here to see if they work better.

  4. Mary

    Why aren’t you supposed to use hot water? I didn’t catch that part, and I thought that brushing your hair caused split end is that not true? Are you supposed to brush it while it is wet? I have all these questions that I doubt now because I have been taught the wrong way from childhood it sounds like. Thank you for posting this information I will definitely give it a try.

  5. Carol

    It’s no wonder I have so many problems with my hair according to your post here I’m doing everything wrong. I don’t wash it in warm water or cool I use hot thinking I have to in order to get it clean. And I don’t put oil in it because I am trying to get it to not be oily. Thank you for posting this information I’ll do my best to make some adjustments.

  6. Amanda

    Doesn’t doing oil treatments to often cause your hair to become oily? I have tried this stuff before and it left my hair feeling more oily than I liked so I didn’t do anymore is there a certain kind that you recommend that won’t leave it feeling heavy and oily and maybe I can try it again. I used to use VO5 if that helps any. Please let me know.

  7. Kenneth

    I’ve wondered why my friend’s bobby pins always seem to drop to the floor, and why her ponytail droops by lunchtime? I asked my hairstylist friend for her secrets. And what I discovered might surprise you. She said my friend is using her bobby pins wrong. He said, “See how one side of the pin is bumpy? That side should always touch your scalp. “It keeps the pin from sliding out.” When I teach hairdressers that, it’s the biggest aha moment. Like they’ve been driving on the wrong side of the road.”

  8. Jan

    Hair loss also affects women and can start as early as your teens. Losing 100 hairs daily is normal and these are usually replaced within days. As we age, however, hormone fluctuations can weaken follicle strength. Physical and emotional stress, medications, disease, and diet can all contribute to losing hair. Today, various treatments are available to combat hair loss but I like that you can also try these natural options to help you stimulate growth.

  9. James

    I appreciate these tips. Everyone wants a healthy head of hair and both men and women want to avoid balding when they get older. My mother told me not to wash my hair in hot water, but at the time, I wasn’t sure if it was an old wives tale or what. Now I realize there is some truth to this. I’m glad I was able to confirm that.

  10. Johnny

    In a world where you hear so many myths and facts, with research making new break-throughs on a day to day basis, how is one to know what to believe and what not to believe? From skin, to hair, to weight, I get constant advice about what is bad for you and what is good. In my opinion, hair health myths are right up there with weight loss and nutrition myths.

  11. Miguel

    I had no idea that you aren’t supposed to wash your hair in hot water I have done that forever because I wash it in the shower every day. Is it true that you shouldn’t wash it every day as well? My hair sometimes gets oily so I feel like I have to wash it every day, why is it that it only happens some times though? Great post thank you.

  12. Joseph

    I first started to notice that my hairs would come out on my fingers when I would style my hair while applying molding wax. I suspect this was stress related because at the time I was working a job I didn’t like and I wasn’t sleeping enough. After I left that job and began working for myself, the stress stopped and so did my hair cease to fall out – or at least it diminished greatly.

  13. Carol

    That tip about giving yourself a hair massage is not new to me. This is advice that a former hair stylist of mine told me many years ago. That is probably why every hair salon has its stylist or person whose job it is to wash your hair before the style / cut usually always gives you a soothing scalp massage that practically can put you to sleep. I hope it helps prevent my scalp from balding in the long run.

  14. Joseph

    I used to put baby oil on my hair especially the ends before I would dry it and that seemed to help with the split ends but I was wondering if this is something that I shouldn’t do because it would make my hair oily. Does your hair soak up things like that or to make it oily does it have to come from inside your body?

  15. Sonia

    Thank you for posting this, I haven’t taken the time to count the hairs that I lose everyday but I am thinking it is more than what I should be losing and I am ready to give this herbs and essential oils treatment a try so I hope in your next segment you will post how that is done. Is it true that you shouldn’t wash your hair daily?

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