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About Us -


This page is About us!

“Fact: According to recent statistics, only of 5% of the population are successful at achieving life’s balance of beauty, good health and a fabulous lifestyle, that you can only dream of. Are you a member of this exclusive 5%? If not, we here at MyFaceMyLife(TM) will show you how you can have it all in this lifetime too!

So what about the other 95% of the population that don’t know the secrets?  They miss out on the fabulous beauty, health and lifestyle tips & tricks that we will be delivering to you daily!

Become one of the exclusive 5% and you to will discover the secrets of having the best of beauty, health and a lifestyle that the other 95% desire. Our health and beauty secrets will help you attain beautiful radiant and healthy skin; glowing inner health. And a lifestyle of the rich and famous, if that’s what you desire!

A few short months ago, we created MyFaceMyLifeAn email notification system that brings you regular Beauty tips and tricks, the hottest product news, the latest health and lifestyle information as soon as they hit the women’s magazines.

We’re sure, you’ll be amazed with the quality of information we dig up for you. Because we’re beauty, health and lifestyle conscious people and we’d love to send it to you every day – like clockwork – free of chargeFor your better life!

Simply drop your best email in the box below and we’ll rush over the first edition of MyFaceMyLife to you immediately, straight to your email inbox.”

Once you are on our mailing list we invite you to regularly check-in on the site to read out latest articles and offerings, and leave us a few comments or two to communicate with the MyFaceMyLife community.

Contact MyFaceMyLife for more information – click here!

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