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10 Hairstyles Men Love

10 Hairstyles Men Love on Women -

Hairstyles Men Love

Men and women don’t always see eye to eye — especially when it comes to what makes a lady look amazing. While you might find a blunt and structured ‘do incredibly chic, there’s a really good chance he just finds it weird. In an effort to demystify what guys find sexy, we polled a handful to find out which hairstyles men really do prefer. Here are the 10 Hairstyles Men Love on Women.

Retro Bangs
“I’ll always like that sort of late ’60s long bangs with longer hair look. Think Mary Jane, Spider-Man’s girlfriend. I’ve noticed that Rose Byrne, who seems to be in every other movie right now, has been wearing her hair this way, and it has certainly captured my attention.
Tom, 33, Book Jacket Designer

Vivid Hues
“Good hair will get my attention from across the room. I really like warm, vivid colours. The style itself, and whether it looks good, will change with the times and who is wearing it, but a great colour will always get me.”
Tim, 35, Software Developer

The Ponytail
“I love a simple ponytail and no makeup. I guess that’s the sporty look.”
Christian, 23, Environmental Engineer

Long and Simple
“Keep it simple! I like women with longer hair. It can be straight — slight curls are okay — but in general girls should keep it long and in good condition. I like it long because it looks more feminine.”
Daniel, 31, Financial Consultant

Messy Bob
“My personal fave is a messy bob. I cut my girlfriend’s curly red locks this way; it makes the back of her fair neck look so appealing. I’ve cut most of my past girlfriends hair. They always seemed to like it. I’m a serial bob-ist.”
Reid, 30, Illustrator

Short and Punky
“I was always a fan of short, punky and messy black hair look.”
Graham, 26, Nanny

Long and Wild
“I love long, messy hair. Mary-Kate Olsen and her messy bohemian look is hot. But I can also get down with a really structured short haircut. The trick is to match your hair with your face shape, and more importantly your persona. This may come as a surprise to a lot of women, but guys are much more perceptive when it comes to visual cues than we’re given credit for. Though many of us may not be able to verbalize, we do notice.”
Stephen, 28, Fashion Photographer

Classic Coifs
“I like the more classic hairstyles, like Christina Hendricks on Mad Men. Of course, that might also be my preference for redheads.”
Jason, 27, Copywriter

Soft Layers
“I like long layers on a girl; it’s more interesting than just straight hair. Blunt haircuts make girls look too harsh, and they’re not contemporary — if her hair is too structured, it can be distracting and intimidating. Loose, wavy hair makes a girl look relaxed and approachable.”
Tom, 28, Longshoreman

Pixie Cut
“I love when a woman feels confident about her face to wear short hair. It’s strong and powerful.”
Martin, 34, Artist and Entrepreneur

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Image: Best Women’s Hairstyles 2012 – 2013

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